Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to Transfer Photo from Computer to iPhone

As to the previous blogs, we have talked about how to transfer photos from iPhone, iPod or iPad to computer. Well, have you ever wondered about how can we transfer photos or any other files on computer to iPhone? Maybe you will get confused again. And then I will introduce an iPhone transfer software for you all. As usual, you can get a rough impression of iPhone transfer software as below.

Instructions: How to Transfer Photo from Computer to iPhone?

Part1 :How to transfer Photo from Computer to iPhone with iTunes? 

Step 1: In order to transfer photos from Computer to iPhone or iPad, open iTunes and select, from the left menu, the device you’re interested in. Now, on the top, select the "Photos tab".
Step 2: As you can see, you’ve the possibility to sync Photos from a folder, just choose it on your computer. But wait! You don’t have to select them all, just gather all your photos in 1 big folder, then check "Select folders" and, automatically, iTunes will make you choose which folders you want to be synced. You can also choose whether or not to have videos included in the sync.
Step 3: Once you’ve done, click, on the bottom right, on "Apply" and your iPhone will receive all the photos stored on your computer.

Part 2: Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone without iTunes 

Step 1: Free Download the iPhone Transfer Platinum software, install and run the software, and connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable.
Step 2: Transfer Photo files from Computer to iPhone
While the program detect your iPhone, select the target category list in the left device node that you want to import Photos to, then click "Import file(s)" button to select the photo files you want to add in the dialog box that opens, and import them to your device. Click "Add file(s)" drop-down arrow to choose Add File(s)… or Add Folder… If you import a folder containing all files you want, choose "Add Folder" option, then import the folder to your device. 
1. Please do not run iTunes while running this program.
2. Right click the "Device Panel", you can create "New Playlist" and "New Photo Album" with your self-defined name. Then you can choose to import files to your self-defined Playlist or Photo Album. You can also rename or delete it according to your needs later. 
3. You can also import files by directly dragging from the local folder into the right file list. 

iPhone Transfer is the professional iPhone file transfer software to transfer iPhone files, including Music, Movie, Pictures, Camera Roll, Ringtone, Camera shot files to computer and to transfer computer contacts, video, audio, photo, etc. to iPhone. 

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